Issue 2 cover by bruno neiva

Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution ISSN 2054-2828 is being typeset, and will be printed by Risograph at Bellevue Press in Southampton on recycled paper;  Corona Offset 100gsm for the pages and Corona Offset 240gsm for the cover. Cover artwork is by artista plástico, poeta visual e reescritor bruno neiva

BOSC REV FRONT COVER 1aIssue 2 will be the usual A6 size in a ltd edition of 75 copies, featuring 22 writers of poetry and flash fiction, published by HesterGlock Press and available to ship by the end of April.

Copies will be for sale from the HesterGlock Press website for £4.00 + p&p

Issue 2 contents

Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution (ISSN 2054-2828) has poems and flash fiction on the provocations of ‘revolution’ and ‘sound’ and we’re excited to announce that it will feature Stuart Mckenzie, Bethany W. Pope, Gus Crotty, Nick Power, Tim Cumming, Michael Scott, Catfish McDaris, Sarer Scotthorne, James Manlow, Martin Myers, Leanne Bridgewater, Mohineet Kaur Bopairai, bruno nieva, Tim Wells, Gary Budgen, David Webb, Gary Budden, Brendan Cleary, Antony Owen, Susan Mckevoy, Mangal Patel, Ejder Raif, Mark Burnhope and Paul Hawkins.

Cover artwork is by bruno nieva.

Issue 2 editors are Mark Burnhope and Paul Hawkins.

It will be published by Hesterglock Press.

Issue 2 submissions closed

Submissions for Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution are now closed. Many thanks to all who submitted their work. Co-editors Mark Burnhope and Paul Hawkins will now start their work on selecting poems and flash fiction for inclusion. They will be in touch over the coming weeks…

Hesterglock Press will be publishing Issue 2.


Mark Burnhope to become new co-editor of Boscombe Revolution

As from today, poet and activist Mark Burnhope will join Paul Hawkins as the co-editors of Boscombe Revolution. Issue 2 is currently open for submissions of poetry and flash-fiction of 250 words. See the submissions link for all the details.

Issue 2 open for submissions

Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution is now open for submissions for poems/flash fiction on the themes of revolution and sound (s) until March 1st 2014

General contribution information

Poems or flash-fiction of 250 words are welcomed that have not been previously published, either in print or online. Poems may be sent by email and will be acknowledged on receipt.

Contributors will receive a copy of Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution.

No more than 4 poems per poet and 30 line maximum.

Email contributions to

Poems are prefered to be sent in the body of an email rather than as attachments. If, for formatting reasons, you feel that you must send an attachment, then combine all your poems into one file.

Contributors will be contacted as soon as a decision is made.

Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution will be published by Hesterglock Press.

Boscombe Revolution Issue 1 launch film(s)

And the following pre-recorded films were shown at the launch too…

Jenna Clake/Sabotage reviews Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution pub. by Tableglock Press


Great review of Boscombe Revolution by Jenna Clake for Sabotage Reviews.

Originally posted on Hesterglock Press:

Jenna Clake reviewed Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution for Sabotage Reviews…

Boscombe Revolutionis an anthology of twenty-one poems responding to ideas of ‘place’ and ‘revolution’. What this results in is an interesting array of poetry from writers across the globe – the poets hail from Athens, Milwaukee, San Francisco and Boscombe itself – who interpret ‘revolution’ as societal issues, science lessons, leaving childhood, caravans and consumerism.

Some of the most interesting poems in the anthology are those that are more experimental. Iordanis Papadopaulos’s ‘watching people big view’ is constructed from lines which mimic online shopping transactions: The poem seems to be quite pessimistic, drawing on the definition of revolution as ‘a cycle of events’: people are reduced to nameless figures that are caught in a cycle of buying emotions and cultural history (‘Someone in the UK bought            a coward if you return a hero if you fall          with…

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Protest Against Rape: Monday * May be triggering *


Follow and support this….

Originally posted on Peony Moon:

Before the reader embarks on reading these poems, the editors stress that some content may be found disturbing, troubling or even distressing. Sexual violence is an emotive subject, and some writing about rape is as exploitative as the crime itself. Such writing in the context of politics, the media or literature can constitute a “double violation” for the rape survivor who lives the experience for a second time: the experience of “triggering”. Encounters with sexual violence as a subject for literature demand caution, care and respect, but an interrogation of “rape myths” is necessary. The poems selected break the silence of the status-quo, which defines sexual violence as a freak event rather than part of a dominative “rape culture”. This protest is the beginning of a conversation that seeks recuperation, healing and redress.
Please note that submissions are closed. 
The introduction to our protest can be read here

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